Hydronic radiant heating utilizes the inherent benefits of water as a medium to carry vast amounts of heat circulated through tubing embedded in flooring or wall panel radiators. By heating the surfaces around you, radiant heating increases your comfort while reducing drafts and providing increased efficiency. Multiple heating zones make it easy to fine tune the amount of heat delivered to different rooms.

Radiant floor heating systems control the flow of liquid through tubing loops and are the common application. Panel style radiators, heated towel racks and fan coils can be used to supplement the heat supplied from the floor. Synergy designs and installs radiant heating systems with the tubing embedded in concrete slab on grade or in a thin layer of concrete installed on top of a subfloor. Other installation options include Warmboard radiant panels or Thermalboard overlayment. Properly designed radiant heating systems can accommodate all common floor coverings including tile, stone, wood or carpet.

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