Energy recovery ventilation systems are critical for creating healthy indoor living environments in tightly build and well insulated homes. Properly designed ventilation systems can remove stale air and extra humidity from a home while distributing fresh air to living spaces.

The energy recovery ventilation unit uses two fans, one which removes household air and one which brings in outside air. An energy recovery core transfers heat and humidity from the outgoing stale air to the incoming fresh air to reduce loss of heat while ventilating the home. A system which utilizes such a unit can greatly reduce damage from excessive moisture and pollutants from inside the home. Synergy designs and installs energy recovery ventilation systems that allow occupants to better control their living environment, while providing good indoor air quality. Excess humidity often appears as window condensation and is the most common indicator used to control the ventilation systems. Energy recovery ventilators can be retrofitted in homes with ducted heating systems or installed to work in combination with radiant heatings systems.

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